About Us

Welcome to One Voice Christian Church. We’re glad that you’re here visiting us today. We are only a freshly planted church in the Riverland; Loxton to be precise. We meet every Sunday 10am at the Loxton Senior Citizens Hall @ 25 Tobruk Tce in Loxton.

We believe in teaching and equipping God’s children, through discipleship, the spiritual gifts using their authority in Christ while demonstrating servanthood through their actions and good deeds. And to commission and release God’s children to demonstrate the power of God to change lives and circumstances to all the world.

We hope to meet you again next Sunday Morning @ 10am

Introducing Our Leadership


Ph: 0439 507 096
Email: pastor@onevoicechurch.org.au

Ps. Mark (Red) Elliott founded One Voice Christian Church in 2014. He answered the call to start a church after God called him to “Feed My Sheep” in 2012, starting in his home, then moving the church into Loxton.


Pastoral support

Prayer oversight

Ps Sheryl Giles

Executive Pastor

Bible studies

Andrea Roberts


Pastors & Elders are the servants of the church who have authority to fulfil the needs; spiritual leadership of the church and to implement the churches vision and mission. To give clear and precise directional counsel to ministries and individuals. They shall give diligent exercise in visiting the sick, the marginalised, giving help and assistance to the needy where possible, releasing members to ‘follow Christ’ and assist them, demonstrate the spiritual gifts and release others to. Participate in the functions of the teaching, preaching and equipping of the members.


Carrie Rodda


Sound desk & production oversight

Peter Evans

Deacon / Chairman Of The Board

Hospitality Oversight

Church Maintenance

Greg Hogan


Deacons are charged with diligence in governance and responsibility of the administration of ‘day to day’ running of the church and the waiting on tables’.

  • Treasurer – To assist the treasurer in support of the financial distribution of monies.
  • Maintenance – Oversee the upkeep and condition of the church premises.
  • Practical needs – Support and implement the acquisitions of church infrastructure, working closely with ministry leaders, liaising with them to supply any needs necessary for the effectiveness of their ministry.
  • Report – Report at designated times factual correspondence to the board on all administrative issues required.
  • Advisory capacity – Deacons are servant helpers who are chosen and nominated by the church members, but work in an advisory capacity under the authority and supervision of the spiritual leadership.

Sally Wilson


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all the financial affairs for the Church in a manner according to our constitution and the associated Act. The Treasurer is responsible directly to the Deacons of the board of OVCC.


Emma Carson

Secretary / Media Leader

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining all the administration affairs for the Church in a manner according to our constitution and the associated Act. The Secretary is responsible directly to the Senior Pastor of OVCC.

The Media Leader is responsible for the oversight of our Website and Social Media platforms.


PS Sheryl Giles

Prayer Leader

The Prayer Leader is responsible for the oversight of the Prayer ministry.

OVCC’s prayer ministry consists of intercessory prayer, Sunday morning prayer (9:00 am) and all other prayer requests.


Carrie Rodda

Worship Oversight

The Worship Oversight is responsible for the oversight of the weekly song choices and live worship sessions.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Co-ordinators are responsible for helping those in need whether they are in need of food, shelter or other emergency aid relief.

  • PH: 0474 053 809
  • Email: outreach@onevoicechurch.org.au
  • Co-ordinators: Malcolm and Kathleen Tubb